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The Schenectady Weekly Union

This database contains over 1400 news items from the Schenectady Weekly Union, from the year 1886. It contains news from Schenectady, but also some articles from larger cities such as Albany, Troy, Amsterdam, and Johnstown, and towns such as Rotterdam, Niskayuna and Glenville. It also has news from the smaller hamlets near Schenectady such as Rexford Flats, Jonesville, Fuller Station, High Mills and Quaker Street.

It contains leading news articles of the day including items regarding the Edison Works, the Good Templars, various Church organizations, political movements such as the Temperance movement and the Prohibitionists.

You can read articles about every day life (who married and who died or, for example) and tragedies involving the canal, trains, river, and accidents at various factories and treatments at the Free Dispensary. Learn about everyday life in the Mohawk Valley... horse trades, gypsies, a rat fight in Niskayuna, who drank too much and what happened when he did.
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