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Hagaman-Tasmania connection (By: Bob Cudmore) March 17, 2018

The Hagaman-Tasmanian connection By Bob Cudmore, Focus on History, Daily Gazette, 03-17-18 A box of Mendets forged an improbable link in 1925 between an American in Hagaman and an Australian over 10,000 miles away in the ...

Price Gouging at the Supermarket (By: Frank Yunker) March 15, 2018

Itís time to explain what price gouging is and what it is not. Imagine a scene. A can of store-brand coffee sitting on a shelf for six dollars. Next to it is a can of gourmet-brand coffee selling for twelve dollars. What we ...

Local News
** Someone built a 14-foot snowman in Schenectady u26c4ufe0f **
** davelevinthal That game wrapped up after my bed time in 2003, so will have to take your word for it. **
** bobtis Yeah. Whole story behind his name involving my late parents from Iowa. **
** Radio listener:"In light of this, your earlier tweet couldn't be more timely:Cuomo Says His Name Was ‘Never Mention... **
Durbin admits Hillary Clinton's Comments About Trump Voters 'Not Helpful At All'
If it is true that McCabe gave false and misleading statements to the IG, he should be charged criminally under 18...
This couldn't get anymore infuriating. So many dropped the ball, ignored or failed to act on dozens of red flags an...
Syracuse basketball stuns Michigan State, advances to Sweet 16
syracusedotcom: Syracuse basketball stuns Michigan State, advances to Sweet 16
A trip to through the store today with my boy Thacher:
Great show, SolomonSyed! Thank you for having LtGovHochulNY on InFocusAlbany to discuss the Women's Agenda, earl...
James Kallstrom: "They've ruined [GenFlynn] - and because they threatened his son, you know, they bankrupted this...
Mueller is hardly a saint. Wrongfully accused Hatfill of anthrax attack back in the day. Cost taxpayers millions in...
My column: McCabe's actions prove the need for a second special counsel to investigate the FBI
fud31 poststar NYGovCuomo Outstanding & accurate editorial. Corvette Ziti Cuomo not only was aware of all of thi...
DJD556 CuomoWatch fud31 Escape the state would be faster, easier, and quicker
fud31 u2764ufe0f
Dear Mr. President realDonaldTrump: Don't give NYGovCuomo a dime until you can be assured taxpayer money will be...
Attention Upstate NY: In California's rural, conservative north, there are big dreams for cleaving the state
RAMBLERS WIN!!! ud83dudea8ud83dudea8ud83dudea8nnCINDERELLA LIVES ON!nnMarchMadness


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